Dancing & Drumming Genies

The children’s imaginations will be captured upon entering the mystical world of genies.  They will enjoy morphing into fanciful genies with dress-ups, belly dancing and drumming.  All this in the comfort of a large well appointed dance studio with floor to ceiling mirrors.  The movement and music from this marvelous land will fascinate both boys and girls.

– Guests will be greeted by hosts Ulah and Ali playing music from a land far far away.

– Dress up as Genies’ and feel what a magical bond this conjures up throughout the group.

– Enjoy Ulah’s performance.  See her golden wings soaring and her snake slither then turn into a skipping rope!  Look out for Mustafa her little darting disappearing friend!?

– Experience the exhilaration and belly laughs associated with learning simple, theatrical dance moves and playing music.

– Play Ulah says, “Arabian robot, snake arms, Aladdin’s lamp.”

– Pose for a colour filled photo.

– Finally, make a circle where each child will have the chance to show off his or her favorite Genie move.